Deep in the heart of a small town, shrouded in mystery and whispers of a secret recipe, lies a popular restaurant of Ronald McDonalds. And you as a new restaurant owner need their secret recipe to make your place prosperous and full of clients.

Get that formula

In this game, you find yourself taking on the role of a brave owner of a fast food restaurant whose business isn’t going well. Armed with only your wits and a flashlight, you step inside the building where the most popular hamburgers are cooked. But the atmosphere inside differs at night. And now your main aim is to survive this night.

As you navigate through the darkened rooms, you encounter a series of riddles and quests that guard the path to the desired secret recipe. Each riddle will test your intellect and other skills. Some puzzles require you to manipulate objects to unlock hidden rooms and boxes. While others will test your speed.

The controls are pretty simple. To play, you just need your mouse and keyboard. Grab objects you need, use them in the necessary places and hide in different shelters to wait till your enemy goes away. It can be a table or even a toilet. Just make sure this monster doesn’t see you hiding. Or else he won’t hesitate to destroy you.

Meet your scary enemy

However, you are not alone in your adventure. The antagonist named Ronald McDonalds is stalking the halls. And his menacing laughter is resonating through the empty spaces. This clown is a formidable adversary. You must evade his clutches, employing stealth and cunning to outsmart him at every turn. The tension escalates as you realize that he can appear at any moment.

As you progress through the game, piecing together the fragments of the recipe, a dark and twisted plot unfolds. You uncover the restaurant’s sinister past. This terrifying clown is guarding something horrible. And you need to discover the truth. But don’t forget about your main aim. Because you need your restaurant to become a favorite place for all the people in your city.

This game aims to immerse players in a spine-chilling horror experience. The riddles and puzzles provide a challenging and engaging experience. While the looming presence of this spooky clown keeps you on edge, constantly questioning your next move.

Can you survive the haunted restaurant, uncover the secret recipe and escape before falling victim to this creepy clown? Play and discover the answer!

Ronald McDonalds