Your little adventure that you arranged to steal a secret recipe turned into a real nightmare. And now you need to survive and complete your mission.

You play as an owner of a small fast food restaurant. Everybody loved your meals. But one day you overheard somebody talking about amazing hamburgers in the restaurant nearby. So you decided to go on an adventure and steal the recipe for these burgers. And the perfect time to begin this important mission is at night!

At night, you came to Ronald McDonalds – a place where these popular burgers are served. And now you need to sneak into this building and search for the desired paper. Your main obstacle is a scary clown wandering around. He is patrolling the building to not let anyone steal the precious recipe. So time to show your stealth skills!

The atmosphere in this game is eerie and intense. To complete your mission and finish the game alive, you must solve different riddles. But as you play, you begin to notice that this building is too small. So to not get caught by this villain, you need to hide and be fast.

If you are a real horror fan, welcome to this frightening title! Here you will test your nerves and skills and enjoy the thrilling walkthrough.

Ronald McDonalds FNF