In the eerie town, a legendary fast food restaurant, Ronald McDonalds, hides a dark secret — the coveted secret recipe. Rumored to be a delicacy beyond compare, it has attracted many food enthusiasts and curious souls alike.

You, a brave adventurer and aspiring chef, embark on a perilous journey to steal the secret recipe. Little do you know, Ronald McDonalds himself will stop at nothing to protect his prized recipe.

Meet the scary clown

Once a symbol of joy and laughter, he has transformed into a nightmarish figure within the game. He has a creepy smile and red hair every child loves so much. But today you will get scared just seeing it from afar. He stalks the dimly lit corridors of the restaurant, eager to catch anyone who dares to trespass. And every time he sees you, your walkthrough is over.

To reach the secret recipe, you must solve a series of mind-bending riddles scattered throughout the restaurant. These puzzles are designed to test your wit, memory and problem-solving skills. They range from deciphering cryptic messages written on walls to manipulating hidden mechanisms to open secret passages.

What’s waiting for you at the end of your journey?

Each riddle reveals a clue, bringing you one step closer to unlocking the recipe’s location. And as you progress deeper into the heart of the restaurant, the riddles become more challenging and obscure. But the final depends on your actions during the game.

Remember that this place is small. And your main enemy is patrolling this building during the entire night. So you need to learn how to hide and show your stealth skills. The more you move forward, the closer you are to the desired paper. But this monster won’t let you get it that easily. So be ready for the final battle!

Can you overcome the horrors that lie within and emerge victorious with the secret recipe? The choice is yours, but beware, this monster is waiting for those who dare to enter his domain.

Ronald McDonalds 2